Benefits of Water Flossing

Benefits of Water Flossing

Water flossing is a relatively new method of cleaning between teeth by removing plaque. The machine that dispenses the water is known as either a water pick or water jet. Initially, water jets were exclusively used only in professional dental offices.

Since then, it has been made commercially available for consumer use at home. There are four distinct advantages that water flossing has over regular flossing. These include ease of use, quickness, reduced irritation to gums, and usability with braces.

Saves Time

Other than the fact that studies have proven water flossing is more effective than regular flossing, it is also significantly faster to floss with water. As a matter of fact, the average user can water floss all of their teeth in approximately one minute.

Generally, the time consuming nature of using dental floss is a major deterrent for those who would otherwise floss regularly. Thus, reducing the time it takes to floss can increase adherence and result in cleaner teeth.

Easy to Use

Another advantage is how easy it is to floss with water (and thus why water flossing can be so quick). Not only is flossing with string time consuming, it is also quite tedious. Trying to get the string between all sets of teeth is arduous and increasingly difficult the further inward you get.

On the other hand, flossing with water is simplifies this process by letting a powerful stream of water do all the hard work. All you need to do is hold the water pick steady and guiding it where you want it to clean.

Reduce Irritation

water flossingNext, water flossing reduces irritation to the gums compared to string flossing. Do you often experience pain and bleeding when flossing with string?

Water flossing can prevent that with highly adjustable water settings and different pick heads to choose from.

There are water picks that are specifically designed for those with sensitive gums, and those are much gentler than other methods of flossing. In the long run, you will have healthier gums and no more gingivitis pain.

Perfect for Braces

The last distinct advantage of water flossing is how compatible it is with braces. If you have braces and want to floss with string, you will need a special type of floss that has a loop on the end where dental floss is inserted.

You will then need to maneuver past your braces and arduously floss each tooth. Water flossing completely avoids this problem by simply shooting water and removing plaque and food debris easily. Thus, you will not only save time but clean more effectively. Win-win for those with braces.


In conclusion, water flossing makes flossing dramatically easier. Stop worrying about spending an inordinate amount of time flossing or making your gums bleed. By using a water flosser, you will get a quicker and cleaner floss than string flossing.

This is especially true for those who wear braces, because traditional flossing only gets more difficult whereas water flossing remains just as easy and effective. Whether or not you have braces – if you have the money and sink space – you should consider investing in a water flosser.

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