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Baby Dental Care – The Best Toothbrushes for Infants and Toddlers

baby brushing teethWhich toothbrushes are best for babies? Brushing baby’s teeth can be a difficult experience, so there’s no one easy answer. Provided here on this page are the top five best baby toothbrushes which will suit your needs.

Want to make your own toothpaste so you know there are no harmful chemicals?

Read through the description for each toothbrush to see which one is the most suitable for your baby. Keep in mind babies transition from one toothbrush to another. So it’s important to understand which toothbrush is appropriate for each stage of your baby’s oral development. Don’t ever start your baby off with an electronic toothbrush, they are for adults, not infants.

When to Start Brushing Your Baby’s Teeth?

The appropriate age for starting to brush baby teeth is sooner than you might think! Dentists recommend that you should start brushing their teeth with a soft baby toothbrush as soon as their first tooth arrives. It may also provide some comfort when brushing, since the brush seems to stimulate other gums and provide some relief.

You should only use fluoride free baby toothpaste for brushings. These are readily available online and at most grocery stores. These are okay for your baby to ingest (which they will). Never use anything harsher like a tooth whitening cream.

Bendable Banana Baby Toothbrush

Banana Baby ToothbrushThis is the most popular baby toothbrush online. This soft toothbrush contorts to the shape of their mouth, so it has some give allowing you to brush every piece of their mouth. Your baby might put up a fight, so you want something that isn’t rigid or doesn’t have any flexibility.

This brush, which I’ve used on my daughter, works well. The bristles aren’t too rough, yet they’re still rigid enough to clean.

The pros: Easy to use, babies like to chew on it, all the while cleaning their teeth. Soft bristles are effective at cleaning hard to reach areas.

The cons: Since it’s soft, it can be difficult to clean their teeth with this

Baby Buddy Baby’s First Toothbrush

Baby Buddy Baby's First ToothbrushFits around their gums and teeth! Babies can really be difficult about getting their teeth brushed. They have no idea what’s going on, their teeth hurt, and you’re sticking something in their mouth. Common sense to them says to push away and protect your mouth! Reassure them this is good for them in a calm, pleasing tone, and use this Baby Buddy First Toothbrush if they’re really giving you a hard time.

This is perfect for little babies, and might work for you. I say MIGHT because every baby is different. You may have to go through a trial and error process with toothbrushes until you find one that they’ll use. They’re all under ten bucks, and it’s worth it to get their teeth clean.

This brush has received great reviews by us and from online reviews because babies like to chew on it. It looks like a chew toy, and it provides relief on their gums. The downside is that it’s a little harder to brush with this one because once they clamp down, it’s hard to maneuver the brush in their mouth. The good news is that it’s BPA free, made of silicone, and babies usually don’t toss this one aside. Pair it with some natural toothpaste and you have a safe baby.

NUK Healthy Start Training Toothbrush

NUK ToothbrushPerfect for the transition to toddlerhood… It can be a difficult experience trying to get babies to brush their teeth. Toddlers can be even more difficult, because they have more strength to fight back, push away, and adamantly say “no!” This brush takes some of the pain away by giving a transition between adult toothbrushes and baby ones.

It has the soft silicone they are used to with the baby brushes, yet is more adult-looking and has a real handle as opposed to the baby toothbrushes. This pack comes with two brushes: one for babies up to 15 months, and one for beyond that, with real silicone bristles.

I just purchased this for my daughter, and she’s having a tough time with it. From the looks of it, though, once she embraces it, it will do a much better job at cleaning her teeth than the baby brushes. We are still using the baby brushes from time to time to ensure a thorough cleaning all around, since she is pushing this one away more than the previous ones. However, it’s great for a transitional brush.

Fingertip Toothbrush for Babies

Fingertip ToothbrushStart off with this one! This is what we used when our daughter’s first tooth popped through until she was about nine months. At first, she saw it as a game, and seemed to enjoy tasting the baby toothpaste. When she grew more teeth, she liked to bite down on our fingers (ouch!), so this was only suitable for a period of four months.

However, it is essential, because they will most likely not let you use anything else in their mouth in the beginning. These are cheap enough that you can buy a few and throw them away every couple of months. The backside has a gum stimulator, which (supposedly) will make teeth that were about to break through the surface come through faster. If nothing else, it seems to provide them with some temporary relief while teething.

Mam Bite and Brush Teether

Teether ToothbrushTrick babies into brushing their teeth (sneaky, but it works!) Sometimes parents have to be deceptive to get their babies and toddlers to do the things they need to do. For example, the teether toothbrush is unbeknownst to them actually a toothbrush in disguise.

They’ll never notice they’re cleaning their teeth (or tooth) while they chew on the piece provided. With a ton of reviews on Amazon including ours, this is assuredly a good approach to take to get their teeth clean and to prevent tooth decay. It’s the best little white lie invented!

In Closing…

Starting your baby’s life off with proper dental hygiene is simply a must. It’s not as difficult as it sounds, but you need to be aware that babies have different requirements than adults, or even kids. So make sure their toothbrushes are super soft and no abrasive as to wear down their fragile enamel. All of the above brushes are safe and what we’d recommend to any new mother. And they’re what we use on our own babies!

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