Crest Whitestrips – The Risks Before You Buy!

Crest Whitestrips Professional Strength Supreme Review

Crest Whitestrips Supreme may be the best product to use to whiten your teeth at home that we have reviewed so far. The product is NOT sold in stores and is recommended via a dentist or online through this link.

We have put this article together to explore some before/after examples of those who have used the whitening process including me, the writer, along with more information on the Crest Whitestrips product.

About Crest Whitestrips Supreme

There are many “off the shelf” products that Crest produces for retail sold in stores like Wal-Mart, Walgreens and other chain stores. The difference between those products and Crest Whitestrips Professional Strength Supreme is the higher level of active ingredients that produce whiter teeth faster. You can get average results with those “off the shelf” products, but if you are looking for near dentist office results for a fraction of the price, Crest Whitestrips Professional Strength Supreme may be worth considering since the price is only $50.00

General Effectiveness of Teeth Whitening Systems

Many people are skeptical about the effects of teeth whitening, but the truth is that whitening with Crest Whitestrips teeth whitening systems is enamel safe. Certain chemicals, such as peroxides, have proven abilities to bleach teeth below the tooth surface and remove stains. Retail teeth whitening systems work by applying a thin layer of these chemicals to the teeth for a period of time, usually ranging from minutes to hours. Effectiveness of these products varies depending on the concentration of the whitening agent, treatment time and the kinds of stains involved.

Generally, teeth accumulate stain under the surface overtime and become darker and more yellow with age. Using peroxide-containing whitening products such as Crest Whitestrips whitens age-related tooth staining. Teeth can also become stained from exposure to certain medications (such as tetracycline). It is still possible to whiten these green-gray stains, however it may take longer as whitening is generally more effective on yellow teeth. One-sentence capsule: Teeth whitening is a safe and effective process that bleaches teeth and removes stains and gives you a smile makeover.

Teeth Whitening Safety Concerns

Many people have concerns about teeth whitening safety. Teeth whitening with Crest Whitestrips is a safe procedure. The kind of a whitening agent used (hydrogen peroxide) is safe when used as directed and is even often used in home made toothpaste. However, some people may experience side effects such as temporary increase in sensitivity to heat or cold when they use teeth whitening systems.

When high-concentration hydrogen peroxide whitening systems, such as some in-office professional whitening procedures, are used, some patients may feel pain in their teeth that can last for up to several days. Retail daily teeth whitening systems, such as Crest Whitestrips Daily Multicare, are gentler on teeth sensitive to whitening, but may require a longer treatment to achieve the desired results and give you whiter teeth.

While it’s not a medical risk, it’s important that one considers the color of their dental work such as crowns or fillings. Since these are made of different materials than natural teeth, their colors are chosen to match the color of the teeth before they’re applied, and bleaching does not alter their appearance. Please do not use this to try to clean your braces.

One-sentence capsule: While some people may feel temporary tooth sensitivity, it is not something to be concerned about.

What Causes Stained Teeth?

Many people believe that stained teeth are caused exclusively by poor oral hygiene. While that can be a contributing factor, even the best-cared-for teeth can become discolored over time. Various substances, like juice, coffee, tea, dark cola, red wine and even certain antibiotics, can cause teeth stains.

One reason for discoloration and stained teeth is deposition of staining agents below the tooth surface over time. The obvious factors also apply; smokers and people with poor oral hygiene or lifestyle habits are very likely end up with stained teeth.

One-sentence capsule: Many factors, including diet and smoking, contribute to stained teeth.

Using Home Teeth Whitening Systems

When considering retail home teeth whitening systems, and the best product for removing stains, Crest Whitestrips Professional Strength Supreme knowing the difference between whitening products will help you select the right one to meet your whitening needs.

Many products (such as some toothbrushes and toothpastes) whiten by polishing away surface stain. These products do not contain bleaching agents and do not remove stains below the tooth surface.

Home teeth whitening systems, on the other hand, contain a whitening agent – hydrogen peroxide – that chemically reacts with stains below the enamel as well as with surface stains. Such systems typically provide faster and more dramatic whitening results compared to products that whiten by removing surface stain. Home whitening systems like Crest Whitestrips require that you wear strips for a certain amount of time each day. They are generally gentler and certainly less expensive than having your teeth whitened in a dental office.

One-sentence capsule: Home tooth-whitening systems whiten by removing stains on the tooth’s surface as well as stains below the enamel, while most of whitening toothpaste and toothbrushes only remove surface stains.

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