How to Make Your Own Toothpaste?

Why Make Your Own Toothpaste?

Today’s day to day world is filled with health damaging toxins and pollutants. But there are some easy, cost effective things that people can do to protect themselves from some of them, like making their own toothpaste!

When you make your own toothpaste, you’re protecting yourself from the nasty stuff found in conventional toothpaste; things like fluoride, glycerin and a whole list of artificial colors, chemical additives and things I can’t even pronounce!

Later, I’ll explain in more detail why the ingredients like glycerin, fluoride, cellulose and others found in conventional toothpastes are unnecessary, bad for people’s health, and how they actually create an environment in people’s mouths, and on their teeth, that are ripe for decay and disease.

My Experience With Making My Own Toothpaste

First, let me say what a cinch it is to make your own toothpaste, and you’ll find my easy to make recipe below.

Secondly, and most importantly, since I began making my own toothpaste I have experienced a dramatic improvement in the level of health, cleanliness and overall feel of my teeth and mouth. It’s been like night and day, and I’ll never go back to conventional toothpastes again.

Besides the fresh clean feeling my mouth gained, the small tarter build ups I had on my teeth are no more, they literally crumbled away. I would not have believed it until it happened, it’s been remarkable. Use one of the best electric toothbrushes with this toothpaste and you will never need to see a dentist again, kidding of course, but a lot less frequently.

I strongly encourage everyone to give this simple idea and my recipe a try, the ingredients cost less than a cheap tube of conventional toothpaste and will last you years, unless you use them up in recipes for other things, since they are mostly simple items commonly found in the kitchen.

Glycerin: An Ingredient in Conventional Toothpaste

Glycerin is a viscous, liquid polyol compound used in a wide array of pharmaceutical products. Conventional toothpaste are full of glycerin.

The glycerin in toothpaste coats the teeth in a kind of film which prevents the natural process of tooth re-mineralization leading to decay, cavities and other oral health problems.

Once a person gets off conventional toothpastes, it takes at least 20, sometimes 30, brushings with healthy homemade toothpaste to rid teeth of all that gunk!

Once the layer of glycerin comes off the teeth, you’ll see any tarter deposits living beneath it, crumble and disappear and a healthier brighter set of teeth.

Fluoride is a Poison

Fluoride is a poison, so why are they putting it in toothpaste? It seems the government, its agencies and corporations have thoroughly convinced the majority of Americans that you can’t have strong healthy teeth without sodium fluoride.

I think this is tragic, more tragic still are the people who believe those kinds of assertions.

You can easily find scientific reports online testifying to the fluorides toxic profile and the date as to which people have the healthiest teeth in the world, and here’s the spoiler, it’s not Americans using conventional toothpaste! It is the people in cultures that use natural health agents like neem or salt, soap or sodium bicarbonate that have the best teeth.

Of course however, you can’t stop using conventional toothpaste and then abuse your health with sugarful foods or illict drugs and expect your teeth not to rot out of your skull!

Flavorings and Other Chemical Additives in Conventional Toothpaste

toothpaste with glitterDepending on the brand, in addition to the fluoride and glycerin, conventional toothpastes contain a variety of artificial colors, flavors and other man made chemicals you should not be putting into your body.

Some conventional toothpastes even contain glitter for the kids! Read any label of a typical toothpaste and you’ll discover a whole list of things you probably won’t even be able to pronounce.

In short, there’s a lot of unhealthy stuff in conventional toothpastes that you don’t need and that can really harm your health.

My Recipe for Healthy Teeth

There are many companies that now manufacture fluoride-free toothpaste or tooth cleaning powders, but a lot of them still contain glycerin, flavorings and other chemicals. There are a few conventional varieties however which contain none of the unhealthy ingredients you should avoid.

Unfortunately these brands are expensive, especially compared to what you can make yourself for a whole lot less. The easy recipe I have given below will last you for years and cost you less than a penny per brushing!

So for the sake of your health and pocketbook, please, seriously consider giving homemade toothpaste a try for a few weeks, you have nothing to lose and a healthy, clean mouth to gain:

You Will Need:

  1. A clean container with a secure fitting lid (a canning jar with a screw top lid is what I use)
  2. Baking Soda (I strongly recommend Aluminum free baking soda, aluminum is a metal metal that is implicated in Alzheimer’s disease and other health problems, so best to totally avoid it)
  3. Finely Ground Salt (don’t use table salt it’s unhealthy, use a natural sea salt or Himalayan salt)
  4. Optional: peppermint or some essential oil safe for internal use or consumption like cinnamon, anise, or spearmint
  5. Optimal: a natural sugarless sweetener like Stevia or real Birch bark Xylitol. Don’t use artificial or manipulated sweeteners like Splenda or Aspartame, they are very bad for your health


Combine equal parts Aluminum free baking soda and finely ground sea or Himalayan salt: for example 1/4 cup baking soda with an equal part of 1/4 cup of salt in a container, then, secure the container lid and shake well until the soda and salt are thoroughly combine.

This should take about 10-20 seconds.

Then, if desired for taste, add natural sugarless sweetener and optional essential oil a few drops at a time, shaking well until your desired taste and sweetness is achieved.

How To Brush Your Teeth With It:

Place a small amount of the powder on a wet toothbrush or into the palm of your hand and quickly lick it up into your mouth (that’s how I do it) and brush thoroughly for at least 2 minutes making sure to brush all teeth surfaces, then rinse with pure clean water. Make sure to brush between meals and after snacks and sugary drinks.

Store Your Homemade Tooth Cleanser In a Container With Well Fitting Lid

All the Ingredients You’ll Need to Make Your Own Toothpaste

Here are all the ingredients you need to make your own healthy toothpaste. Remember, the baking soda and salt are the essential ingredients, I added the links to stevia, non-corn based Birch Bark Xylitol (90% of corn is GMO, and the vast majority of xylitol comes from corn, YUCK!) and essential oil of peppermint for those people who might want sweetness and flavor.

Other natural flavoring ideas would be to use cinnamon, anise or your whatever your favorite essential oil is, just make sure it is appropriate for oral use and consumption.

And that’s it! Everything you need to know about making your own affordable toothpaste for pennies. Great for you, your children, the environment, everything.

So why wouldn’t you make your own toothpaste?

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