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What Are Floss Sticks

Floss sticks are a small, single-use dental product that give the user a hassle-free, tidy tooth flossing experience. Sometimes they are known as floss picks, these sticks are made up of a plastic body that has a curved tip that is then strung tightly with a short string of dental floss.

The floss is to be used just as one would use any type of floss: to clean the spaces between teeth by removing plaque and food particles. Once finished, the stick should be thrown out.

Think of the floss stick as a handle with a piece of floss at the end, and it removes the need for a long string of dental floss to wrap around your fingers when flossing.

Most floss sticks are quite small; the thin plastic body generally measures at two inches (5 cm) in length. This plastic component is typically bent like a U with the handle sticking out and connected from the curve’s base.

The floss string is pre-loaded onto each stick, and they are strung taut across the mouth of the U. With this unique form, the user can use the sticks to floss by using significantly less floss than regular flossing methods require.

Furthermore, the user does not need to wrap floss around their fingers, pinching them, and performing difficult maneuvers just to floss a couple of hard-to-reach areas.

A floss stick is easy to use. Just looking at it will give the user an idea of how they would like to hold it. Simply grasp the stick-end using one’s index, middle, and thumb finger and guide the floss between the spaces one would like to be flossed.

Gently move up and down, not forcing the floss but being firm enough so that the floss can squeeze between the tight spaces. Once finished, do not attempt to save it for reuse; just throw it away (the string is most likely loose at this point anyways).

Floss sticks weren’t always to intuitive and easy to use. The first few designs were quite awkward and difficult to use.

So for a long time it was scorned by the public for its inadequacy. Nowadays, floss sticks are made with the user’s comfort in mind, and that has made it quite popular among people who want to floss but hate using dental floss.

Some sticks have pointed handles that can be used like a toothpick to scrape plaque from spots that the string cannot reach, like the area where the teeth and gums meet.

Furthermore, the floss used by modern floss sticks are strip-style floss, which glide easily into spaces better than regular floss.

In general, floss sticks are being made by manufacturers of toothpastes, toothbrushes, and traditional spool-style flosses. Floss sticks are available in nearly all pharmacies and grocery stores.

They tend to be sold in multi-packs, which have a supply lasting anywhere from two weeks to three months in each pack.

And of course, they are not as great for your mouth as water flossing.

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